Whether it’s your 1st, 2nd, 10th, 25th, or 50th anniversary, Lucky Events believe that your loyalty to your spouse is surely a wonderful event that deserves to be celebrated! And we can make those years you had together extra special by giving you a pleasant and magnificent anniversary party you’ve always dreamed of as a couple!

The celebration of wedding anniversaries started as a tradition of the Germanic origin in the middle ages. After 25 years of marriage, a husband would present his wife with a silver wreath, and after 50 years, he will give her a golden wreath. Traditionally, these were the only two anniversaries that were celebrated. But nowadays, you can celebrate how ever long you’ve been together as a married couple!

anniversaries Celebration

Anniversaries are always nice to celebrate because you get to look back at your fun and loving memories together. Relieve your love and commitment for each other and make it stronger as the time goes by! Even if you are the type to only celebrate with your immediate family and relatives or the one who wants to have a grand, luxurious party, Lucky Events will surely make your wedding anniversary party a dream come true.

When celebrating anniversaries, you might want to cherish your wedding that took place years ago and make it as special as how it was before. Or, you can also make it extra fab, according to your taste. Whatever style, theme, or budget you have, Lucky Events can make it happen for you! Whether you want an elegant golden theme for your Golden wedding anniversary, or try to be a bit more trendy with popping colors, we can help you have the next best day of your life as a couple.

Lucky Events only guarantees the best event planning in Las Vegas, so you can count on us for making your wedding anniversary day special and memorable for you, your spouse, and your guests! So call us now to request a quote for your wedding anniversary party!