Bar / Bat Mitzvahs

A Jewish boy “officially” becomes a man upon reaching the age of 13 and a Jewish girl becomes a woman at the age of 12. Literally, they mean “son/daughter of the commandment” and so they are encouraged to learn the obligations they will have as adults since they are already children who are coming of age.

Bar Mitzvah

Aside from the literal meaning of bar/bat mitzvah, it is also the term used for the coming of age ceremony itself. Although ceremonies are not needed to confer the rights and obligations that the celebrant will have, it is still important to observe the occasion and celebrate it formally with friends and family. Lucky Events know that a bar/bat mitzvah’s obligations and corresponding rights must be publicly marked, and so we are more than happy to plan it with you!

Nowadays, it has been common that a bar/bat mitzvah is more than just reciting the blessing. It is usually followed by a reception that is often as elaborate as any other kind of events. If your child is about to become a bar/bat mitzvah, don’t worry because we can help you provide him/her a special day to remember! Lucky Events will make sure that your child only gets the best celebration for his/her coming of age.

Lucky Events understand that there are now different ways you would want to celebrate a bar/bat mitzvah. We will welcome any variations you would like to make in order to give a twist and thrill to your child’s party! Lucky Events will help you think of the best theme, best food, and the best overall set up that will surely fit your budget. So if you are thinking of celebrating your child’s 13th or 12th birthday, don’t hesitate to give us a call and request a quote!