One of the most cherishing moments for an infant in their Christening. This is often celebrated by friends and family in honor of the child. To make the event memorable, it’s usually enjoyed with delicious food and enjoyable venue. At Lucky Events, we are event planners in Las Vegas dedicated to helping make an unforgettable occasion. Our venue provides an ideal venue for any celebration especially a christening.

christening - baptism

The following are some services we offer at Lucky Events.

Venue Rental: With our 4,000 SF facility, you can host approximately 300-400 guests. Our facility includes outlets, mirrors, and restrooms. With your rental, two staff members will be available in the premises to assist you.

Equipment Rentals: Whether it’s an onsite or offsite event, we rent equipments like decors, chairs, tables, and more.

Planning Services: We will plan your services offsite and onsite to make your occasion that much more memorable.

The Meaning of Christening
Your child is a precious blessing to you, and they are also precious in God’s eyes. In everything you do, you want the best for them, and the same concept goes with God. As a parent, you want them to make the right choices for others and themselves.

A christening marks the beginning of their lifelong journey.

Over many years, this journey is also something you’ll share with your child by:

  • Being their guidance in discussing the essential topics such as subject about love, faith, and hope.
  • Assisting them to learn more about their faith in Christianity through their actions and dedication to the church.
  • Presenting them practicality in making the moral choices in life.
  • Saying prayers for your child despite all the ups and downs they go through in their spiritual life.