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The history of male circumcision is not certain, but it is still commonly widespread nowadays. Circumcisions may be purely religious and cultural, or just for personal hygiene and preventive health care. Either way, they are practiced and even celebrated by many people. A boy may be circumcised whenever his parents wish– it could be once he’s born, before he starts school, or before puberty. If you are one of the parents who want to get his son circumcised, you don’t have to worry when will be the best age and time for your son to have it.

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Religiously speaking, the tradition of circumcision holds a number of functions in the social structure. A grand circumcision ceremony allows you to affirm your son’s respectability in the eyes of the community. For some, it also serves as a rite of passage. But on the other hand, the health-related benefits that outweigh the risks of circumcision are what really pushes the parents to have their sons undergo the knife. Whatever the reason behind your son’s circumcision is, Lucky Events will help you give him a memorable event to remember!

Be it a religious, cultural ritual for many Jewish families, or just a health-wise concern for everyone, Lucky Events can turn that ceremony into a celebration with the whole family. We understand the importance of this event not only to your son but also to the whole family. That’s why we will take care of the event planning for you! Now you don’t have to worry about throwing a fun party for him because you can leave that to us! Decide on your theme, your guests, and your budget, and we will make it work for you! If you are planning to throw him a special celebration and have any questions in mind, just give us a call now and request a quote!