Corporate Meetings

Don’t have the time to plan your corporate meeting? We’ve got you covered. At Lucky Events, we pride ourselves in creating customized and high-end corporate meetings that match your company style. We work with a number of reputable local vendors who can accentuate every element of your event from the food to the stage as we utilize our skills to elevate the experience for your guests.

corporate Events in Las Vegas
Facility Rental – Have all the plans but don’t know where to hold the corporate meeting? We can get our facility to you. Our 4,000 SF venue comes with mirrors, outlets, and restrooms along with two staff members who are readily available to assist you.

Photography – There’s no corporate meeting without quality photos to make it a memorable event. We pride ourselves in our top-of-the-line photography service which is also available onsite and offsite.

Equipment – We can rent our equipment like chairs, tables, decors, and more. Whatever you need for your party, we have it all at Lucky Events as we complete your corporate meeting.

Catering – We have our in-house caterers who will cook up the most appetizing meals for your special event. We also work with vendors who can you’ll be very pleased with. Of course, you can also bring your own catering as long as they have the approved catering license.

Event Planning – Of course, if you don’t have enough time to work on your corporate meeting, we offer full and partial service to you. Some companies don’t have enough time to plan for an important event, so they trust event planners like us to do the job. At the same time, some companies partially use us to try loose ends. Whatever the case, we’ll be happy to help.