Here at Lucky Events Venue, we know how important it is to see your little girl become a woman. “Quinceanera” is not just a Spanish word referring to a 15-year-old young lady, but it is a celebration of coming of age. It is derived from two Spanish words. “Quince” and “anos,” which translates fifteen years. Being one of the few universal Latin American occasions among Hispanic girls.

This needs to be one of the most special days in her life and in the life of her parents. Traditionally, a quinceanera started as a preparation for womanhood where girls separated from the other children of certain ages, and elder women would teach them about their future roles as members of the family and the society. Later on, missionaries turned it into an event of personal affirmation of faith and a pledge to become good Christian wives and mothers.


Today, quinceaneras are celebrated in an elegant and stylish manner. Do you want a mariachi band? Do you want a feast to rival a king’s festival? Do you want a gown to make your daughter shine like a princess? We at Lucky Events are happy to help you with the first step — a beautiful, modern event space to hold the festivities, with flexible policies so you can select the vendors to best represent your unique tastes and budget! Please contact us to take a tour of our beautiful event venue and book today!