Here at Lucky Events, we know how important it is for you to see your little girl turn into a not-so-little girl anymore. “Quinceañera” is not just a Spanish word pertaining to a 15-year-old young lady but also a coming-of-age celebration for a girl who is turning fifteen. It is derived from two Spanish words, “quince” and “años,” which means “fifteen” and “years.” Being one of the few universal Latin American occasions celebrated from Mexico to Argentina, it is evolving with the Latinas in America and is very common among second and third generation Hispanic girls.


We will make sure that your quinceañera will enjoy her one of the most special days in her life. Traditionally, a Quinceañera started as a preparation for womanhood where girls were separated from the other children of certain ages, and elder women would teach them about their future roles as members of the family and the society. But later on, missionaries turned it into an event of personal affirmation of faith and a pledge to become good Christian wives and mothers.

Nowadays, Quinceañeras are celebrated in an elegant and stylish manner. We will cater to all your needs whether you decide to have a grand and unique celebration or a simple and more intimate event for the family. Event planning in Las Vegas might be tricky and lavish, so other choose to skip celebrating at all. But with Lucky Events, we guarantee that we will only provide you with what you deserve and nothing less for a higher price!

Want to have a mariachi band? We can help you. Want to have a feast? We got you. Want to celebrate with many guests? No worries, we will save the day for you! When it comes to quinceañeras, Lucky Events is the right pick to provide you with quality services that will surely make it a one-of-a-kind and memorable experience for you and your daughter! Call us now for more details.