Wedding Shower

There is nothing like honoring a bride-to-be than with a bridal shower she’ll always remember, but where do you begin? From choosing the wedding shower invites to an unforgettable entertainment, our party planners can help.

First, think about the themes. Whether you set up a bartending tutorial or hosting a vintage luncheon, we have so many ideas you can choose from that will sure to inspire you. Our bridal shower parties are so fun that even the guys are joining in for a coed event. If a Jack and Jill bridal shower is right up your alley, we’ll help you create an event that both parties will love.

Bridal wedding Shower

Keeping everyone entertained can be difficult especially when you don’t know where to start. We suggest throwing in plenty of bridal shower games to make a festive mood. The one great part about bridal shower games is that it encourages your guests to mingle and get out-of-town friends and family to get acquainted with the rest of the group.

Lastly, the food is very important for a bridal shower. Plan a menu according to the theme of your party whether that’s a large BBQ or finger foods.

And finally, you want to think about the invitation. We can help answer all your bridal shower etiquette questions such as: are plus ones allowed or do you invite out of town friends?

We can also help with a create a gift registry that is appropriate for any budget and occasion! At Lucky Events, we understand party planning down to the detail. From the food to the entertainment, we have the ideas, and we have the equipment to make them happen.

Want more bridal shower ideas? Contact us at Lucky Events today, and we’ll be happy to answer all your inquiries.